Bubble and Squeak

Courtesy: Jack Devaney

Servings: Two

This was surely invented as a way of using up left-over cabbage. It is called Bubble and Squeak because the vegetables are boiled first or bubbled. They squeak after they are fried. If care is taken and the mixture is cooked to a golden-brown crispness, it is attractive to young appetites.



l pound potatoes, peeled
6oz. cooked cabbage, chopped
Salt and pepper
Butter or margarine for frying


This tastes better if the potatoes are freshly cooked. Steam or boil, dry off and then mash the potatoes. Add the chopped cabbage and seasoning. Do not add milk, as it will leak into the frying pan.

Press the potato and cabbage mixture into one or two ‘cakes’ for each person. Fry these until there is a crisp brown skin on both sides. Serve at once.


Folks! This is as simple as it can get. If you can’t master this one, I think your calling is horse shoes.